It’s no surprise we like working with H&M. In fact, we love it. And if you look at the amazing content we’ve made together, you will understand why.


Discovering mindblowing designs and outstanding fashion wonders we’ve been able to create inspiring content together for a long time now. Making GIF-animations, studio shoots, personal portraits to name a few. It’s clear to say that the ideas never tend to disappoint. Have a look!


These collaborations resulted in content series, animations and stills. 


H&M Man

Global In-store Campaign



Art buying

Location scouting

Post production 


CEO/Executive Producer

Ysabel Knyphausen
+46 736 50 77 47

Financial Manage

Emma Andersson
+46 701 478 471


General Equiries/Location

Krukmakargatan 22 

11851 Stockholm