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NEWNEW is a production agency specializing in producing creative content that stands out and resonates across all types of media platforms.

We are experts in production, creativity, and strategy when it comes to both video and still imagery. Our goal is to deliver the best possible production value for each client's budget. We assist our clients with everything from film production and still photography to animations and influencer marketing. Every project we undertake is tailored to the client's needs and challenges industry standards to maximize output.

So, who do you want us to be?

We are a full-service film and still image production agency that can provide both direction and photography, and we can also offer a mobile one-man band production. Whether it's a huge project or a tiny one, we can handle your productions if you have an in-house director or creative. We do influencer marketing, including both production and scouting of influencers and profiles. We produce YouTube series, TikTok campaigns, and provide content and Always On strategies. We rent out agency producers for procurement consultation. Full flexibility and adaptability to meet your needs.

Josephine Strindberg

Creative Producer

+46 733 74 40 40

Emy Sjöblom

Content Creator

+46 735 22 41 65

Mikael Hallmans

Head of Post Production

+46 762 23 05 40

Katti Von Sparr


+46 760 29 09 09

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